Certified Sweeps 

Accredited Member of the Certified Sweeps Association

Certified Sweeps is an Irish Association of accredited, skilled & Experienced Irish chimney Sweeps that pride themselves on setting high standards that sweeps must achieve on a daily basis 

Chimney Sweep & Appliance Maintenance

To get the best from your appliance, it should be swept & serviced regularly.

There are a number of reasons for this:

 * Removes soot, creosote deposits & other obstructions to allow a safe passage for dangerous gases to leave your property safely & efficiently

 * Advise on the condition of your chimney & any possible actions which need to be undertaken
 * To ensure that everything on the appliance itslef is in good order & nothing is inhibiting its performance

Far from being a thing of the past,getting your chimney swept regularly is ESSENTIAL. Some believe that if you have a liner, your chimney does'nt require sweeping. That is very incorrect. Infact, every chimney which is in use for solid fuel, gas or oil combustion should be swept regularly.

The standard advice at present is :
 * Smokeless fuel : at least once a year
 * Bituminous coal: quarterly when in use
 * Wood, turf : quarterly when in use
 * gas : once a year

*  What is Carbon Monoxide?
Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas, produced during the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels such as wood, coal, gas and oil.

 It is harmful if inhaled and may result in death if present in sufficient quantities or if a person is exposed for a sufficient length of time or over a protracted period.

 We would recommend that all properties having stoves fitted should have a carbon monoxide detector fitted when stove has been installed.

 If the alarms sound, The best advice is to turn off the appliance in the case of oil or gas. 

For solid fuel just let it burn through, vacate, ventilate and have a professional investigate the cause of the alarm !!! 

* Have you a stove but no cleaning access. Not a problem. We should be able to sweep up through the baffle plate. (depending on being able to remove them. Some Baffels expand so much over time they may have to be broke out) 

Please Note:
* We don't not take away any soot/debris from your home following completion of sweeping. 
* Please clean out/remove all Ash or hot debris from your appliance prior to our arrival. 

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